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Do’s and Don’ts of Post Delivery

dos and donts of post delivery

dos and donts of post deliveryPost delivery phase is the most important part of woman’s life as her lifetime health depends on it.

Though, giving birth to a new life sounds the toughest task on mother earth, but more critical is do deal with its after effects. Post delivery care is one of the most important periods of woman’s life which affects her whole life and health cycle. With the appropriate post delivery care you will be able to deal with all the pregnancy problems. Your baby’s birth is also the re-birth of your own body and with the correct post delivery care; you will be able to improve all the pregnancy changes in your body.

Post delivery care doesn’t only means applying a short-term precautionary measure. By following the correct do’s and don’ts of post delivery, you can shape up your whole life style.

Following are some of the helpful guidelines for post delivery care:

Food and Nutrition
In both eastern and western cultures, food and nutrition is catered as an essential post delivery care. Eating healthy food is very important in post delivery care, as it will not going to affect your health, but will also affect your baby.

Water intake
It is important for post delivery care to take 8-10 glasses of water daily. Avoid getting too much overloaded with water especially cold water. In place of water, you can also add fresh fruit juices in your post delivery care diet, so that you can also prevent constipation.

Sexual relations
After delivering a baby, your body needs time to heal. For a proper post delivery care, it is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks to have sex with your partner. This post delivery care will reduce the risks of infection, increased bleeding, or re-opening healing tissue. Even after the suggested time period, you should carry on your post delivery care by finding sexual positions that put less pressure on sore areas.

Avoid Weights and Stairs
For proper post delivery care, avoid stairs and lifting weights until you have healed. It is important for new mother not to do anything grinding or pounding.

Breast feeding
Breastfeeding is an important element of post delivery care. It is the greatest gift of God which has enormous advantages related to post delivery care. Breastfeeding not only develops a bond between mother and baby, but will also help mother in recovering her energy. It is a significant part of post delivery care as it is a natural dieting process and will help mother losing weight while reducing the risks of breast cancer.

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