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Summer Fragrances for Women

summer fragrances for women

The fragrances this summer gave the ladies to be excited for the summer; they can spend the summer with the most amazing female fragrances.

Vera Wang Preppy Princess

The fragrance that made to the top of the best female fragrances is Vera Wang Preppy Princess. This fragrance would definitely give the ladies a feel of being a princess due to its luscious, fruity scent that blends juicy red berries and honeysuckle with sensual woods. The scent has a combination of classic as well as fashionable feel so that you feel to be taken from downtown to meet uptown. It gives you a feel of being always ready to impress and you life will rock and roll.

Harajuku Lovers G

Yet another fragrance in the best female fragrances is Harajuku Lovers G that has an amazing bottle with a beautiful mermaid with gorgeous flowing hair and an adorable green tail. This fragrance’s bottle signifies that the scent has been inspired by the underground world of the sea. The fragrance is citrusy woody-floral scent.

Daisy Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau is a fragrance that definitely makes the summer so refreshed, the scent is so whimsical with the original Daisy Fragrance, and the scent is fruitier, bubblier, and more fun. The bottle is the ever more beautiful, with a few light coloured bottles with the subtle coloured flowers on the cover. As soon as the ladies wear this summer female fragrance they will feel they are in a field of sunshine that bursts with the flirty scent of flowers and the cheerful sweetness of fruits. This female fragrance has a sharp glimmer of musk for an unexpected twist and radiance.

Summer Fragrance Boyfriends

The female summer fragrance boyfriends by Kate wash is a fragrance with a scent of vanilla, jasmine blossoms and a sensual sent of amber to stand against a scent of a man. This summer wear him so that you stand our in the crown of female fragrances.

Summer DKNY

Yet again this summer DKNY brings the new female fragrance that is juicy and effervescent pink with the mix grapefruit and bright freesias. The floral fragrance includes the scent of the lily and pink rose petals. The scent becomes the feminised fragrance with the playful mix of sweet pea and apple blossoms.

Eternity summerAnother female summer fragrance is the Eternity summer with a combination of beautifully scent of violet leaves and exhilarating note of cilantro. It is full of juicy watery lotus lily and the female fragrance of gardenia and vibrant jasmine. Also read here Flirty Fragrances.

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