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A- List Health tips for your Blood Type

A- List Health tips for your Blood Type

Use these health tips and see what food groups to avoid and which ones to eat plenty of according to your own blood group.

Health news tips regarding weight loss and your blood type is all the hype. I share with you some health tips, as used by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Courtney Cox! Fitting into your dresses may no longer require a diet of lettuce and water! Health tips and skin health tips with this diet are based on the theory that you should eat right for your blood type.

O Blood Type

Animal protein is your main food group and combined with fresh fruit and vegetables, this health tip for weight loss will prove beneficial. My health tips for foods to avoid include, dairy products and wheat based foods. Health tips for what to eat are lots of turkey, beef, chicken, cod and broccoli. These health tips will help your skin glow as the pounds drop off!

A Blood Type

If you’re in the A type blood group, then it’s a vegetarian diet for you! Health news tips suggest that meat is simply stored as fat in your body and dairy is also a no-no! Tips for health and the right foods to consume include plenty of seafood, vegetables, noodles and lentils! My health tips for what to avoid are red meat, cheese, milk, potatoes and bananas.

B Blood Type

You have the most flexible diet and can eat a majority of food groups. Health tips for your blood type are to avoid chicken, sweetcorn, lentils, peanuts and cornflakes! Other health tips are to try and stay away from excess wheat and gluten which slows down your metabolism. Free health tips for food and drinks to consume are eggs, lamb, fish, aubergines and fresh juices!

AB Blood Type

Rare as this blood type is, health tips for you include combining the diet of the A and B blood types. Tips for health include staying clear of wheat, beans, seeds and meat as they are only stored as fat.

Tips for health are that you remember to combine exercise with dieting because there’s no long term gain without it.

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