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Breast Care after Delivery

breast care after delivery

breast care after deliveryProper breast care is very necessary after delivery.

Pregnancy is certainly one of the many best things that happen to a woman. The feeling of becoming a mother is incomparable to any other feeling in the world. It is equally evident that pregnancy is the most difficult phase for any woman. Real test begins after delivering the baby. It is very important for the mother to take care of her physical health. Your breasts, like your whole body show prominent signs of pregnancy. They naturally evolve for the arrival of the baby. Proper breast care after delivery is necessary as it greatly affects the health of the baby as well. There are several home remedies for breast care; hence you do not need to use artificial products for breast care after delivery.

Breast care after delivery may prove to be difficult if you do not plan to nurse your baby. It is purely natural if you experience breast engorgement or breast milk leakage after delivery. Even if you do plan to nurse your baby, you may still experience these. To avoid these, taking certain serious steps for breast care after delivery is very important. Your breasts will be larger than usual for as long as you nurse your baby. Therefore, it is important to wear a nursing bra with good support and without under wires. In order to take care of breasts after delivery, change your bra and nursing pads when they are wet or moist. Allowing your nipples to stay wet allows germs to grow faster and causes the skin to break down.

Foremost thing in breast care after delivery is to keep your breast neat and clean. Use a clean warm wet towel before and after feeding your baby. Keep changing positions for feeding your baby to distribute the suckling pressure to different parts of the nipples. You may exchange between sitting, lying down, holding the baby under your arms and across your lap. Proper and regular breast care after delivery will help you avoid sore nipples. Your nipples may crack due to improper grip. If the nipples are too dry or too wet to undergo friction, it may result in sore nipples. Make sure that the baby latches-on to the breast appropriately and most part of the areola is in the child’s mouth. It may be difficult in the beginning but that is where the mother starts teaching her newborn.

For breast care after delivery it is also important to nurse your baby often to prevent engorgement of your breasts and vigorous sucking by your baby. Do not break the suction immediately as it would make your baby bite your nipples. Break the suction by gently inserting your finger in the corner of your baby’s mouth and between the gums. Then keep your finger between your baby’s gums while you move him away from your breast to keep him from biting your nipple. Keeping in mind these small steps regarding breast care after delivery can protect you from many problems. Do not take yourself for granted by ignoring breast care after delivery. A healthy mother can raise her baby in a better way so make it a habit and take proper breast care after delivery.

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