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Foods to Avoid in the Winter

Avoid Food

Just because it is food it does not mean that it is something you should be eating; especially in such a delicate weather like the winter. You must know what will do you harm and avoid it. So here is a list of all the foods to avoid in the winter season with a brief understanding of what harm they can cause you if not avoided:[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Food to Avoid

1) Fizzy Drinks: These may give a nice chill down the gut in correspondence to the cold season, but this is something that will find a permanent place for itself down into your gut and show itself when the sweaters come off. Stick to water and avoid drinks to stay active.

2) Burgers: These already possess a lot of fat, but because of the environment this fat immediately stick to the body and turns into real fat making the person look and feel a lot larger than they should.

3) Heavy Soups: As tempting as they may sound and as creamy as they may taste given the foggy days and nights, the fat content in these is also incredibly high and is most likely to instill the laziness that you have been fighting off all this time.

4) Fried Food: There is absolutely no time of year when fried food does not look, smell and taste good but in the winter particularly, it is almost as if one is taping the weight of the fries to their stomach.

5) Baked Food: Just like a good, warm and gooey from the inside molten lava cake sounds, it will ensure that the warm and the gooey find a permanent spot for themselves in the lower abdomen you have been trying to push inside all this time.

6) Heavy Cream and Cheese: Though cheese is very good for the health, it should be avoided in the winter as it tends to darken the complexion and has the added unwanted bonus of turning into fat.

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