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Combat Stress at Workplace

combat stress at workplace

combat stress at workplaceTo play the role of an efficient working woman, good wife and active mother a woman have to combat stress at work place that results keeping equilibrium in all her tasks.

According to recent studies working women are more naive to stress as hectic schedule, work pressure and social responsibilities lend stress in them infusing disturbance, anxiety and tension altogether. But here come a variety of witty stress management tips to combat stress at workplace that help your mood, relieve workplace stress, simplify social responsibilities and improve parental tasks.

Tips to manage stress at workplace

Here are five essential stress management tips for working women that help to combat stress at workplace.

Know causes of stress first

There are two sorts of stressors for working women: internal stressors & external stressors. Internal stressors are not work problems of working women these are the worries, anxieties, responsibilities and disturbance caused due to personal affiliations.

External stressors are the work pressure, work nature, workplace environment, noise, improper positioning, demanding boss and complaining customers. Know these stressors first and avoid mingling them as it is becomes another big stressor.

Focus your goals

In life everyone has goals. To manage stress at work place, focus your goals that may be becoming rich, a good mother, good wife or good working lady. Once you focus your goals you will be able to combat stress always.

Organize your tasks

Working woman is not just a working woman. She has to fulfill all of her duties at home and at workplace. So, organize your tasks to manage workplace stress. Make an organized schedule for husband, kids and work. Make family time and spend time romancing your spouse as life without spice of romance is as dull and boring as it seems during work.

Say yes to work pressure

Another stress management tips for workplace is to prioritize your family and work than others. Don’t feel as if entangled in work always rather learn to say yes to work pressure as it is just for eight hours. You have another 16 hours to spend leisurely.

Relax and calm

To combat stress at workplace relaxing and staying calm are another stress management tips for working woman. Manage time for body massage, bathing, reading, listening music, watching movies and to travel as it relieves all sort of stresses making you happy and healthier. Also read Five Healthy Ways of Dealing with Stress.

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