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Five Healthy Ways of Dealing with Stress!


five-healthy-ways-of-dealing-with-stressOh my God! What am I going to say to my boss! Oh I have a doctor’s appointment! Oh my daughter has a play today! This much work! How am I going to manage! These are the regular thoughts of a common man, who suffers from stress every day and every minute in this fast paced life.

The key to all these stressful thoughts lies in proper stress management! You got to learn how to take control of your emotions, thoughts, relationships, work and environment and above all the way you deal with your problems. Read on to learn how to reduce, prevent and cope with everyday stress that leads you dull, lifeless and unhealthy.

Cigarette, alcohol, sleeping, and disconnecting yourself with the world outside are the unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, they may apparently soothe your senses but in long run these things prove to be very dangerous. So let’s find out five healthy ways of dealing with stress.

The first stress management tip is to avoid unnecessary stress. This can be possible by analyzing your daily schedule, responsibilities and tasks, don’t accept extra work load if you think, you can’t do it. Learn to say ‘no’ If you think, you’ve got so much to do, distinguish between the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘musts’ and drop the tasks, which aren’t truly important or eliminate them completely but overload yourself. Avoid stressful situation, e.g. if evening news depress you, just turn off the TV and do something good. Avoid the people and topics that turn you off and just chill!

The second stress management tip is to alter the stressful situation. It is about altering the stressful situation with the easy one. Such as, always express your feelings rather than containing them inside of you and battling with them. If you will not voice your feelings and emotions, they will burn you silently like the acid which burns its own container it is in! Be willing to compromise with the people you care about. Don’t close your eyes in front of problems rather deal with them and solve them for a happier and stress-free life.

“If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!” The third stress management tip is to adapt to the stressor, which is if you can’t change the stressor, change yourself. Try to look at stressful situation with much optimistic approach. For example, rather than fuming about traffic jam, spend your time to select your favorite song and spend some time with yourself. Set reasonable standards and expectations for yourself and others and learn to be happy with ‘good enough’. When stress is getting you down, focus on positive things in your life and be thankful for them.

The forth stress management tip is to accept the things that you can’t change. There are some things in life which are totally out of our control, there is always some greater, invisible, natural force taking control of things.  It’s always better to leave some things on fate and not trying to control what is NOT in our control. Some stress-full situations are totally unavoidable, such as illness, death of a loved one, so it’s always better to accept them as they are as your being stressing on them will not change them.

After you have learned to avoid and control stress-full situations, try to add extra charm to your life with this fifth and last stress management tip, which is make time for fun and relaxation for a better and healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, now exercise doesn’t mean 30 minutes of boring exercises, but 30 minutes of physical activity, it can be walking, playing with your pet or kids, jogging, playing sports or anything that makes you sweat. Listen to music, eat chocolates, go to spa, read some good book, take a long bath or simply spend time with your loved one with a coffee or wine in one hand and a good movie.

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