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Nutritious Pet Food Pyramid

To keep your pet healthy it is important to follow the pet food pyramid. The pet food pyramid has 6 levels. The first level is at the bottom of a pyramid and the last level is at the top of pet food pyramid.

In order to keep your pet health, fit and fine always, it is always good to follow the nutritious pet food pyramidPet food pyramid allows you to look for a balanced and healthy diet for your pet that is full of nutritive foods ideal for your pet.

The pet food pyramid has 6 levels. The first level is at the bottom of a pyramid and the last level is at the top of pet food pyramid.

The 1st level consists of dried foods like wheat, grains, cereals, carbohydrates etc.

The 2nd level consists of canned dried foods which consist of value added carbohydrates like canned cereals etc.

 The 3rd level consists of the pet food pyramid consists of fully cooked food which includes different varieties of meat.

The 4th level of pet food pyramid consists of lightly cooked foods which are in simple words just tossed, sautéed or cooked till light brown.

The 5th level of the pet food pyramid consists of processed fresh food that is easily available at convenient stores and is closest to natural substitutes.

The 6th level which is the final level of the pet food pyramid is the fresh kill food. This includes the fresh prey that your pet makes itself or the fresh food you bring to it. This category of food is similar to what all animals have as food in the wild.

It should be noted over here that pet food pyramid tells us the importance of a good diet is not just for human beings but also for the animals in order to sustain better and compete with the environment. There are six basic nutrients that are extremely important in a pet’s diet and they are present as essential components at each of the different levels of the pet food pyramid too. If your pet is lacking in any one of these nutrients essential to pet food pyramid, the chances of health troubles are likely to be very high for the pet.

Water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are the six key components that are present as essential nutritive units at each of the levels of pet food pyramid. Just see the similarity of these components of pet food pyramid for animals as well as for animals in order to remain healthy. Water is the most important element for the sustenance of your pet. You pet cannot survive for more than few weeks without the consumption of water. If the water level in your pet’s body drops, it can cause serious illnesses like cancers. The pet food pyramid contains water in some form or the other at all of its levels.

Proteins are essential in pet food pyramid as they are the building blocks of amino acids and they strengthen up the immune system of the body and help in better growth and repair of any injured parts. If a pet’s diet is low on proteins the chances of kidney diseases which ultimately lead to kidney failures are very high.

The pet food pyramid starts off with the carbohydrates which show how important they are. They are great energy reserves and the help in the metabolism of a body and make the digestive system work effectively.

Fats are important for pet food pyramid as they keep the cells of a body in proper shape and they are a source of fatty acids. But even in pet food pyramid, they are advised to be given proportionately to a pet as they can cause obesity. For female pets that are pregnant or feeding their babies, fats are an extremely essential part of the pet food pyramid.

Vitamins and minerals have exactly the same importance in the pet food pyramid that they have in a human food pyramid. Any deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to disabilities and life threatening illnesses of different systems of a pet’s body. Minerals are great for balancing factor of a pet’s body which leads to proper functioning of all the systems of your pet in pet food pyramid. Therefore, never be careless about the importance of vitamins and minerals in pet food pyramid.

Lastly, just look after your pet with great love and affection and pay special attention to its diet by keeping in mind the pet food pyramid so as to avoid any health issues for your pet.

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