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Stress in Pregnancy

Stress in Pregnancy

Stress in Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is one of the most auspicious periods of a woman’s life when she takes the transition from being a girl to turning into a woman by giving birth to a child. Hence, pregnancy requires a strict proclamation of schedules, habit control and diet awareness to ensue the birth of a healthy child. It can therefore be deduced that factors such as malnutrition, ill habits and stress induction are proportionately adverse to the state of pregnancy.

Stress during pregnancy is our foremost concern as it is a habit which is affected by external matters which go uncontrolled within our neural system sending a wide array of hyper neuronal impulses which are hazardous as they stimulate the sympathetic component of the nervous system.

Like any other series of events, there is a streamlined list of do’s and don’t’s to deal with your pregnancy stress and hence help you and your baby endure safe child birth.

Every morning should be accompanied by stress reduction exercises. Pregnancy duration exceeding will limit the extent to which you can push yourself but it will nevertheless be beneficial for you and your baby. Breathing exercises are considered the best for dealing with your stress during pregnancy.

A sufficient intake of water will not only help you to reduce your serum creatinine, it will also serve to keep the bio feedback mechanism unaltered and a plentiful supply of fresh blood is available for the foetus to utilise.

Stress during pregnancy should never be dealt with hazardous stress relieving habits such as alcohol consumption or persistent cigarette smoking. It is considered unwise to resort to the use of these habits and also strongly contra indicated are the use of CNS depressants as they pose a serious threat to the embryonic health of the child during pregnancy.

Stress during pregnancy is better avoided then tamed and no matter how many precautions or exercises you perform, the initial effect of it could wear you down. It is wise to steer clear of stress during your pregnancy rather than trying to tackle it.

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