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The Language of Love

The language of love and romance may be silent but it surely speaks louder than words. How many of us failed to notice the subtle spark of passion in those eyes, the blush of happiness, that shy sidelong glance, a small mimic that teased you the most at that time was in fact a little gesture of love hidden deep inside.

Subtle gestures and body movements are the first signs of blooming love deep down the heart. Many of us fail to observe that but if you want to know if someone is cultivating any kind of likeness and passion for you then read on to master the silent body language of love.


The most powerful of expressions is a sweet and sincere smile that he gives you even in a crowd of hundred. There is nothing more inviting and pleasant then a warm smile. So if that strange handsome hunk gives you a smile, take it as definitely a good sign.


The soul that can touch with an eye can even kiss with a gaze, such strong is the power of eyes that no doubt are the mirror to soul. This is a dance of the eyes, the beauty of this dance is that you can do it across the room and through a crowd, think of it as a sensual and rhythmic dance with gentle touch and delicate timings. The lingering soft touch says ‘I’m interested’ a quick glance and a look away may be flirting. The eyes have the power of a soft killing caress that only you can feel, it can touch you and can even take away your breath. So, look at the eyes, if you want to know if someone is interested in you.


We carry a magic space around us of about one arms length. Anything inside that distance is considered intimate. If the person stands closer to you and within his arm’s reach, that means he is not apprehensive about being touched by you and is sending signal that he is interested in you. The closer a guy stand to you the more interested he is in you romantically.

Magic touch

Observe whether he touches you when you are physically close to each other. This should never be a touch on a sexual body part; that’s much too bold. Instead, watch out for a slight brush on your arm as he reaches for his drink. Or may be a slight graze on your knees while sitting together, these subtle touches are sure signs that someone is romantically interested in you.


A naughty mimic might tease you the most at times but this is one of the romantic gestures that show the person is interested in you. Yes, notice if he mimics your body movements and gestures or even some special words that idiosyncratically belongs to you, because that is a clear sign of admiration and liking.

This subtle and subconscious language of love is though hard to understand and realize yet it is the most powerful way of making someone realize that you got your heart set on them!

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