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Reading Romance

Romance is not only about fancy teenage fantasies and fairytale love rather it is a daddy term that encapsulates the little moment of togetherness, laughters and cries, the moments of sharing and caring, some heart to heart discussions about philosophies, theories and opinions.

Discover some newer ways of romance with the experience of reading together and recreate that charm of jovial love, friendship, intimacy and understanding. Read on to know how an apparently boring book can create huge sparks in your relationship.

Reading Together will take you on a completely frolicsome amazing journey together to a whole new world of traits that you have never known before. The experience can turn out to be a freaking hilarious one or it can also take a shape of discourse, but will surely going to leave you amazed and surprised at the end.

You can choose an interesting, romantic novel to read, after you are finished with reading, you can discuss some of its aspects together, the discussion will open up many unsaid, unheard feelings, hidden deep down inside your unconscious and will provide a better way to understand each other.

You can even spend a hour or two on the weekend reading and sharing your favorite quotes and poems. If you want to have some laughter time together you can even read out funniest jokes to each other.

The cutest and the most romantic one, light some candles, have two mugs of coffee by your side and read for your sweetheart some sweet little story from ‘Chicken Soup for Couple’s Soul’ I bet it will take you two on a heart to heart emotional ride.

You can even read out some of the sensational scenes from ‘mills and boons’ and I bet the reading session will turn out to be the funniest ‘romantic comedy’ for you two.

Well! You have the idea now put your little bookish creative hat on, and have some fun with reading together. Don’t make it too serious like a classroom session; rather keep it light and romantic along with some little gestures of love and care.

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