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Strengthen your Relationship yourself

Relationships and their basis should be strong. Relationships and their long life are based on the individual attitude of the people involved in it. We keep focusing on relationship tips and we follow them when we think our relationship is no more a healthy relationship. The biggest mistake we make in a relationship is that we don’t base it on strong basis. We forget that relationships are based on mutual trust, understanding and mutual efforts to keep the emotions involved in the relationship alive.

Why doesn’t a mother ever forget to express her love to her child? The reason is obvious she never stops making her efforts. She makes sure she never stops loving her child no matter what happens. So a mother-child relationship is based on pure love and emotions so it always stays alive. Similarly siblings never let each other go disappointed if they have strong relationship between them. Relationship failure or success is based on mutual efforts made by either side.

You would have heard that you should not expect too much from anyone or you will end up disappointed. This is true for every relationship because everyone has different approach towards things and you can’t be pleased with the other’s way of doing things. So the best way of keeping your relationships healthy is to give more and expect the least. At times it’s easy to say that we should expect the least but hard to implement. But it sure is not impossible to do so.

The best thing to do in a relationship is play your part and stay happy. Healthy relationships are always based on true emotions and regular self evaluation.  In relationship take care of little emotions. So that the two people in a relationship can make their life simple by appreciating and cherishing little moments of happiness. Give space to your partner especially in a husband and wife relationship so that you two don’t feel suffocated and enjoy lives and each others companionship. It is also important to let your partner carry on with his/her own passion while they are in a relationship with you, so that they feel free and enjoy every bit of the relationship.

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