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5 Tips That Will Help You To Catch Your Cheating Spouse Red-Handed

Do you feel that your spouse is seeing another person? Does he/she behaves suspiciously and hides his/her mobile phone quite often? Is your spouse now more into office and client meetings and doesn’t return home on time? At times, your gut feeling may tell you that your spouse is cheating on you. Even though you may have some tell-tale signs, your spouse may tell you that ‘You are overthinking’. You can get unstuck by finally figuring out without a doubt if your spouse is cheating or not. You can do that by using these five hacks to help you become a pro at catching your partner cheating. If you really want to catch your spouse cheating it will behove you to learn these tricks and tips of the trade.

5-Mobile phone and Computer

Check the phone, check for a suspicious number that is called over and over again. Find out what time the call is made ( during work hours, or before and after work). You can even go the extra mile by getting a report from a paid service about the person that owns the suspicious number. Check browsing history in the computer to know what sites he has been visiting. If the history has been cleared, he is definitely hiding something.

4-Observe The Signs

Before you are about to accuse your partner that he/she is cheating on you, make sure that you have enough proof. Such as if your spouse is now more concerned about his or her physical appearance, applies an enigmatic perfume quite often while going out, wearing new clothes and behaving awkwardly, while talking to someone over the call, she or he is walking out of the room or avoiding your presence.

3-Bring A Change In Your Sleep Routine

You can also bring a change in your sleep routine. Such as if your spouse is staying up late till night stating he or she is having some important work to finish, you can also try to stay awake and tell that you would like to go to sleep only when he or she does so. Or you can also pretend to be asleep and check if your spouse is talking to someone or stays out of the bed for a long time.

2-Learn Secrets of Body Language

Everyone has similar body language for telling the truth and for attempts at concealing the truth. Investigators are trained in paying attention to such things as how often the target touches their nose, or ear, how often they clear their throat or say “uh” or “um” in a particular story. They also pay attention to how the body is reacting to what they are saying. Everyone has a giveaway sign that they do automatically when they lie. Learn about these signs and also realize that you have known your spouse a long time, probably longer than the person he or she is cheating with – therefore you can pinpoint lying easier if you pay attention to their body language.

1-Identify Where Missing Money Goes

Do you have money missing and charges on credit cards that neither you nor your spouse can explain? Instead of backing off take these issues to the next level by dealing with your bank directly to find out exactly when a charge was made, and where. Once you know when and where you can learn a lot more about what is happening to your money and who is helping your spouse spend it. If you can trace each charge you’ll figure out a pattern of events that will enable you to figure out more of what is going on, when it started, and whether or not it’s still going on.

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