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Top Three Tips on Maintaining a Love Relationship

 “I am glad I’m finally in love!” She exclaimed to her friend who looked on indifferently. Wondering why her friend Stacy was not feeling happy about her current updated status, she decided to ask Joy, her other friend about it. Joy told her that Stacy had been in three relationships that had ended up in failure. She had actually sworn never to get into a love relationship again. The dilemma that Jude was left in was whether to sit and consider everything that Stacy had passed through as being gospel truth, or to sit and make a resolution that would spice up her love relationship.

Many times, everyone is faced with such dilemmas. People enter into love relationships and discover that they are incompatible with each other, and later decide to opt out of the relationship. The reason is simply because everyone was created differently from the rest. Thus, everyone has a role to play to ensure that the love relationship is started and continues to grow. The basic roles can be summarised into what is termed as the 3 A’s. These are; Acceptance, Acknowledgement and Appreciation.

Acceptance is the mental outlook that something is convincing and should be acknowledged as authentic. In a love relationship, this must be critically looked at. The biggest issue that has affected many love relationships is the issue of always desiring what is perfect in the other spouse. People always look at what is perfect and forget the humanness that is encrypted in everyone’s heart. The outcome is that such people magnify the imperfection and this leads into a love quagmire. However, if one learns the custom of accepting the spouse as the best gift that he has, and never tries to change her, their love will grow to the highest heights.

Acknowledgement is simply the state of being recognized. This plays an important role in a love relationship. You cannot live in love, if the person you are in love with does not acknowledge who you are. The best key of harnessing your love relationship is encrypted in acknowledgement and it is only those that are in lobe that have the decrypting key. The best in your spouse will be brought out through acknowledgement. In fact, if you want to lift your partner’s spirits just start acknowledging the simple things they do. You will be setting a foothold for the best in your love relationship.

Finally, appreciation is the other custom that every individual must harness in a relationship. Appreciation is simply an expression of gratitude. People that are in love never want to feel that they are taken for granted by their partners. In fact, the best way to kill your love relationship is taking your partner for granted. A person who is in love must therefore develop a custom of appreciating everything that the partner does, starting from the smallest to the greatest things. This boosts the self esteem of the people relating as well as building confidence for the love to flow.

Thus, if these 3 A’s are adhered to, Jude will have the best relationship and she will never be like her friend Stacy, who has been in three failed relationships.

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