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Brain expert says s*x helps cure migraine symptoms – and even just a hug works

We all know just how painful a headache can be.

For some, it’s an excuse to swerve household chores or even sex.

But according to a new study, avoiding a session between the sheets isn’t the way to go about it.

That’s because an orgasm works just as well as drugs for curing a migraine, says a brain expert.

In fact, professor Amanda Ellison claims it’s a good reason why we should hit the sack.

Even a hug can reduce chances of an attack as it triggers the release of the “happy chemical” serotonin.

Case studies of people who suffer from frequent migraines show they have lower levels of serotonin than others, reports The Sun.

In fact, they also crave sex 20% more than those whose headaches were caused by simple tension.

But their migraine symptoms disappeared instantly after a kinky session in the bedroom.

Professor Amanda, of Durham University, wrote about the findings in her book Splitting: The Inside Story of Headaches.

She said: “Sex results in an injection of serotonin.”

The expert added: “The case of two male episodic cluster headache sufferers, one who was 61, the other 47, was reported in Israel.

“At the point of orgasm with their respective partners both men reported their headaches suddenly disappeared.”

Even gorging on chocolate and drinking caffeine after sex showed signs of producing serotonin.

She said another migraine cure was the love hormone, oxytocin.

Professor Amanda continued: “Choose a hugger for a partner. They don’t call it neurochemistry for nothing.”

Meanwhile, sex doesn’t just cure headaches it seems.

Previously, a study revealed hay fever sufferers should have sex to reduce symptoms.

Experts say those who suffer from the seasonal allergy should take up regular sex to help clear blocked noses and dry up running eyes.

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