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Love is friendship set on fire

“I love you” the most beautiful and the most difficult words, these are the words that we are always afraid to blurt out. It is the fear of rejection that stops us every time we want to say it, but Love is a feeling that must be shared, that must be expressed and celebrated.

Confuse? Because you are in love with your best friend, you are afraid to reveal your feelings in the fear of jeopardizing your friendship. But remember Love is friendship set on fire, to take your friendship to next level you will have to move in a step by step process. Remember it is always better to show him then not telling him at all.

First things first, you have to be really sure that he is not hook up with some other girl. You can start paying him extra attention then usual that will make him feel he is important. Be there for him if he gets fired from his job, take him out to drink. Listen to him if he is having a bad day and then cheer him up, support him in his hours of need, the closer you get the easier it is for him to understand, the more supportive you are, the more he will inevitably like you.

You can surprise him with a little make over, flirt with him and give him small clues, tease him with little laughter and naughty winks, be attractive and be flirtatious to make way for love in your friendship.

They say jealousy is a green eyed monster but at this point this monster is your biggest friend so take advantage of it and make him feel jealous. You can do this by giving him a truly fulfilled, sweet company the whole week and then the other week you can think of ignoring him a bit and go out with some other guy. This will make him jealous and he will miss you and it’s always better if you are being missed.

Gifts express a lot, so the next time when you buy a gift for him, let it express your affection, you can choose candles, red tie, enchanting wind chimes or anything that speaks of romance and love.

These are the little actions that can immensely make you closer to your friend. But remember the whole process of friends turning lovers takes time, don’t give up and one day he is surely going to come and surprise you with a romantic kiss.

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