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Lover or Friends, Whom to Choose?

The hardest part of love is when you have to chose between relationships. Choosing between love and friendship is just another case of it. Find out what to do in such situations.

Friends are the most important part of one’s life. You are really blessed if you have people around you, you can call friends. Friends are also the ones you can count one in any situation. From your early childhood you start making friends some stay with you for a long time others tend to leave. But every friend leaves a mark in your heart and plays an important role in your life. Friends are those people who were with you when your beloved wasn’t.

There comes a time in life when people have to choose between relationships (and that really sucks). What to do when your lover asks you to leave your friends for him? This is a really tough situation and coming out of it as a winner is equally difficult. So let’s take a deeper look into such a scenario and find out what causes it and how to deal with it.

Love and friendship both are equally important in one’s life. I wonder sometimes how can a person who really loves you, deprives you of the people you love? But this is a very common practice among men and it happens mostly out of jealousy or possessiveness. There are also some men who can not see their girlfriends/wife happy. I personally find such men psychotic who just because themselves do not have a life tend to deprive others of it too.

Relationships are a very complicated thing the more you get to know the other person, the less you will know him. So my sincere relationship advice to all you women reading this is that whenever you get into a situation where you have to choose between love and friendship do not haste to take a decision. Sit down with your partner ask him what problems does he basically have with your friends.

Analyze whether he is just demanding this out of sheer jealousy or is there really something fishy between you and your male friends particularly. If he says he is just so possessive about you that he can not see you chilling with other people then tell him to cut the crap as this is certainly not love. When a person truly loves you he will never dispossess you of any happiness, be it your friends or family. He will in fact ask you to get in touch with your friends, hangout with them and enjoy life (personal experience).

So ladies, NEVER NEVER leave something you call life for a person who does not have a life himself. If he seriously has a problem with you having male friends that is something to be taken care of but having girlfriends is perfectly alright. Therefore, next time your man tells you that you should chose between him or your friends keep in mind “When love hurts friendship heals“.

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