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James Blunt’s first love

James Blunt Songs

Some songs are so heart-hitting and ‘You are Beautiful’ by James Blunt is one of them, It’s because it’s written with real feelings and real passion that is reflected in each and every word of this wonderful song.

Yes James Blunt’s hit number ‘You are Beautiful’ is about his first love, even if he has dated many women after her, but he still thinks about her every day.

The 36 year old singer, James still regrets not settling down with the mystery woman, whom he met some 14 years ago at a college.

“What I failed to see was that the sweetest thing life had to offer was right in front of me. She is in all my songs,” said James.

The girl is now married and has children, and Blunt went ahead with an army career, followed by fame as a singer

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