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Key characteristics for Successful Relationships

With the use of some key elements, you can strengthen your relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

Relationships require effort and successful relationships need a whole heap of effort. Healthy relationships, whether they are family relationships or romantic relationships, all should encompass certain key characteristics.

Successful relationships should have the following:


Great relationships, which have strong friendships, have staying power. They not only love each other but genuinely like each other as people and that’s what is important! Great relationships are always built on a solid base and that is friendship.


When you can make each other laugh it’s a great mood lightener. If you can’t find each others humour funny, then relationships are slightly doomed. Platonic friends tend to laugh a great deal and romantic relationships and family relationships require some release, so find the funny in you and others.


If you aren’t able to open up and talk about things, than you don’t and won t have very solid relationships. When people have things on their mind and let them go without discussing it, it usually manifests itself elsewhere.


If people do what they say and say what they do, they create an atmosphere of comfort and reliability. Relationships need this level of unspoken trust and knowing the other person will be there for you, is what great relationships are made of.


Relationships of all kinds need to have affection and love involved. Showing affection in relationships of any kind can mean a hug, a kiss, tugging of the hair etc. People who stay in physical contact in some way throughout the day have appeared to be the happiest ones.


Being honest and not lying is crucial to any great relationships. If you can’t trust your family, friends or partner, than there’s a big problem.

Apply these points to any and all relationships and watch how the relationships will grow and mature. Now go maintain and enjoy some happy and healthy relationships!

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