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Healthy Relationships keep you going through Thick and Thin

Relationships are a vital part of human life.

Relationships are not just a bonding between two people it’s about the emotions and feelings attached to it. Have we ever thought about what is the relationship between a teacher and a student? Or have we wondered on how two friends fight and then get back to normal in no time. Why do sisters fight and still have this relationship of love between each other.

Have anyone ever been able to define love in a relationship. What exactly is a relationship? If you think of relationships in general you’ll get the answers. It is a mere understanding between each other. A relationship can be strong or weak on the basis of how well do two people understand each other. Every relationship is healthy and pleasant if it involves the respect, love and consideration for each other. No matter how much a husband and wife fight their relationship will remain unaffected as long as the respect is still there.

Although at times friends are not compelled by any strong reasons to be with each other but still they are most of the time closer than siblings, the reason for this is definitely the mutual respect and care they share for each other. You can not keep a relationship going for long if it doesn’t involve the respect and care. It’s always a two way road when it’s about relationships, you cannot expect to get all the time, and you have to learn you give what ever you receive.

Imagine what an individual be like without any relationship at all. Since human beings are social animals they need to have some relationships with other human beings, this would keep their feelings and emotions alive. Human emotions need to be exercised through relationships to keep life going and to learn the meaning of happiness. The happiness we get from our loved ones and intimate relations is a feeling that we cannot get from any where else in the world. Even a million dollar cannot but a healthy relationship that gives happiness. Without relationships life will be incomplete.

Human beings need relationships like they need oxygen.

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