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Love Happens Even From A Distance

I think of you in my quietest moments and you become my music, I feel you in the noise of the earth and you become my peace, I dream of you in the loneliness of my night and you become a reality but when I try to find you in the bright daylight, you become a faded illusion, hearts entwined with love but bodies forever yearning, arms craving for a hug but feelings always being expressed for these are the bitter sweet charms of long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship has its own bitters and sweets, where it frustrates you when there is no intimacy, hugging and kissing; it also fires your passion and desire for each other. Where it makes you dependant on internet, phone and mails, it also gives you a chance to communicate and express your deepest desires and emotions. There may be few moments of togetherness but again those moments are much more intense then they would be in ‘normal’ relationships.

Long distance relationship is the hardest thing to manage; it leaves you frustrated and insecure, giving you a feeling of incomplete completeness, a perfection that is imperfect. It needs a huge amount of trust, support and understanding. Some people just can’t tackle with the frustration of being away and they end up breaking everything. Always remember long distance relationship needs extra care and attention then the normal relationship, because your partner is away from you, he can not understand your situation the way someone close to you will understand. You have to express, you have to communicate to make your partner understand your feelings and emotions.

If you feel you have found the love of your life who is unluckily living 5000 miles away from you then don’t worry for long distance relationship if handled properly is even more passionate and stronger then the normal relationships. Read on to spark up your relationship with tons of happiness, trust, and satisfaction even from a distance.

Plan for the future

It is very important in long distance relationship to have a light at the end of the tunnel, set goals and time frame when you want to be finally together. It is very important that you both have a hope to live for. Prepare yourself for sacrifices and plan a future to spend together.

Moments of togetherness

Try to see each other at least once a month, plan something new for every meeting, make it an explosively special day, like a celebration, yes when you can celebrate your birthday, why can’t you celebrate moments of togetherness. Make all those long dreamed romantic fantasies come true when you meet.

Sweet Surprises

Surprises bind long distance relationship with tons of sweetness and happiness. Surprise each other with a romantic e card, or just make heart shaped cookies, take their picture and send to your loved one with lots of kisses. You can even surprise them with sexy photos of you. What could be more romantic surprise then a hot striptease video, it will make your man go crazy with passion and see the sparks in your next meeting. Take pictures of your room, your bed and send them to make them feel your presence.


Communication is very important in long distance relationships, your partner is not there with you to read your eyes and feel your love, you have to make them understand and make them feel with your love and care. Try to keep in touch all day long through text messages, tell them that you miss them, show them that you love them, tell them what you are doing, tell them that you are thinking of them. Write extensive and intimate E-mails, but it’s very important to be honest with your feelings, the more you express your emotions in words the better it is in long distance relationships.

Give yourselves a free day

Long distance relationship can become some times extremely frustrating when all you can do is talk talk talk with no physical interaction, for that insert a day or two without any communication, it makes you miss each other intensively and you usually find yourselves at a higher level then you were before.

Keep Romance alive

Usually due to lack of physical intimacy, men usually loose interest in long distance relationship, for that it is better to keep the element of romance alive in long distance relationship, sexy videos and pictures also helps a lot. Besides, share your romantic fantasies about what you want to do with them the next time you meet. Enliven your passion with sexy text messages, take them into a world of imagination and seduce them with your words.

Fill the gap between with spice of romance, sweet sugary surprises and endless love for the distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be.

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