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Woman heard a small cry, ‘but what she found is nothing short of a miracle’!

When Charmaine walked her dog, Georgie, it seemed like a typical day. When strolling, the 63-year-old and her cat often take separate paths. They passed a storm drain on that specific day’s stroll. Soon as they got close to the sewer, Georgie started barking hysterically.

Charmaine looked more closely and couldn’t believe what she saw. Georgie, according to Charmaine, is afraid of animals, so when she heard screams coming from within the sewer, she assumed a cat may have been trapped.

According to reports, she said: “At first, I thought it was a cat because he’s afraid of cats, but when I heard the cries again, I realized it was a baby.” It’s a baby, that’s correct. She instantly signaled Viljoen’s automobile to stop. He removed the concrete drain cover with a steel rod, exposing the startling reality.

At the foot of the drain, a newborn infant was found unclothed and with its umbilical cord still in place. Viljoen descended into the 6-foot-deep pit and made his way toward the infant from below. The infant was glad they weren’t where she was because while he was doing it, he came across red ants that started biting his legs.

According to Viljoen, who spoke to the Daily Mail, “I attempted to take her up very cautiously and very slowly because she was so little. I didn’t know whether the baby was wounded. Even though I simply wanted to cuddle with her for a bit, I realized she required immediate medical attention.

Viljoen lifted the infant up to Keevy, who soothed and covered her in her jersey as they awaited the arrival of emergency personnel. When they did, the infant was admitted to the hospital right away due to cold and respiratory problems. The hospital is now looking for the mother of the child they have called Grace.

Later, Charmaine updated her Facebook status to clarify that Grace is still alive and well and recovering in an incubator, despite rumors to the contrary spreading on social media. Grace has been the light of her family for some time now. We were thrilled to see that Baby Saver just updated her story and shared it.

“Nearly four years later, Grace has a loving adoptive family and sees Charmaine as an honorary grandmother. She is now a cheerful, joyful toddler who likes to sing and dance and is eager to attend nursery school. She was never located, nor was her biological family or the person responsible.

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