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EastEnders fans celebrate as Whitney accuses Gray of killing Kush

The EastEnders audience was stunned when Whitney Dean (rightly) accused Gray Atkins of killing Kush Kazemi.

Gray, played by Toby-Alexander Smith, pushed Kush outside a subway after conquering Whitney with angry jealousy that he was taken away from him.

However, the CCTV footage from the platform could not be restored as it was properly destroyed, which meant that Gray was clear.

However, when he went to see Whitney, he attacked him for being the reason Kush died and allowed him to separate Gray.

The woman shouted: “I don’t want anything from him. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have to run away.

“Without Mitchell we wouldn’t have to flee, but you slept with them and took their dirty money. I think you’re just as guilty as they are. You killed him.! Get out! Get out! You killed him!”

Fans flocked to Twitter to praise Whitney for calling her lover’s killer without realizing it.

Someone tweeted, “‘You killed him!’ He really did Whitney, he really did it. # EastEnders. “

Another commented, “Whitney has no idea how right Gray is in killing Kush. I think he’ll be the first to find out he really did it. Looking ahead. # EastEnders.”

The third wrote, “# I’m glad Eastern Whitney sees Gray as a true monster for who he is. He had doubts about him for a while after his explosion, but I knew he played with him for a while. What did to Gray Kush is now Gray. Confirmed who it was. “

“Yeah yeah yeah Whitney is good for you #EastEnders girl,” said another.

One fan raved, “Just WOW! @ShonaBM, you were absolutely amazing on that scene. Go, you could feel all the anger and heartache of my daughter Whitney! Even if I were you, I wouldn’t have crossed Whitney’s path in a while, but I did am ready for their showdown #WhitneyDean #ShonaMcGarty #EastEnders. “

How will Whitney react when she finally discovers the truth about Gray’s actions?

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