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Canada changes King Charles’ official title and removes any reference to the UK

King Charles
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Amid worries that certain countries would try to depose the monarch after the Coronation, Canada has covertly altered King Charles’ title and all references to the UK in it. One of the 14 nations outside of Britain where Charles is Head of State is Canada and the decision has been greeted as “very significant” there.

It comes after the late Queen Elizabeth II told the late Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey in a new five-part series, “I can’t resign,”

However, a government bill unveiled yesterday indicated that they will remove references to the United Kingdom and the term “Defender of the Faith” from his formal royal title in Canada as contrasted to the late Queen’s title. Saskatoon’s retiring archdeacon Richard Deacon stated: “I believe that is quite important. It represents a historic break with convention.

“As we get ready for the coronation of the new monarch, a decision was made to modernize the title to bring Canada into line with other Commonwealth countries, including Australia,” said Annie Cullinan, director of communications for the King’s Privy Council in Canada.

Since Henry VIII received the title for the first time from the Pope 502 years ago, every king has been referred to as a “Defender of the Faith.” Charles the Third will henceforth be known as “Charles the Third, by the Grace of God King of Canada and His other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.”

The deceased monarch was referred to as “Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.” It has been refuted that the King would take an oath during the Coronation to safeguard all religions, told The Sun.

The King’s wish to include additional religious groups in the event has reportedly caused conflict with Lambeth Palace, but this has also been played down by royal officials. Over the last 18 months, Barbados has renounced the Queen as head of state, and similar movements for republicanism are rising in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor, a new five-part ITV series, recounts the moment the then-Archbishop of Canterbury announced he was resigning. According to Lord Carey, “I recall going to the Queen once to submit my resignation and saying: ‘Your Majesty the time has come.'”

She then turned to face me and essentially stated, “You folks come and go; I can’t quit, I can’t surrender; I have to keep going. And I said, “Well, the Lord says I have to leave at the age of 70. However, she would never go.

From 1991 until 2002, Lord Carey presided as the Archbishop of Canterbury. During his tenure, he attended Diana, Princess of Wales’ burial in 1997 and became the first Archbishop to appoint women to the clergy.

He also describes how, at their private encounter in Peckham, the Queen Consort discussed their early days as a couple. She entered the front door, we sat down for coffee, and he remarked: “I was extremely impressed by her.

Very attractive, well-groomed, and clever woman; we had a lively talk. “We also discussed her connection with Charles, which dates all the way back to when they were adolescents, among other topics.

“And when she went, I said: ‘Well, there’s no way I could ever regard her as anything other than a truly wonderful human being who is completely in love with Charles.’ “And that affected me in talking to other people behind the scenes, and I hoped it had a way forward — I think it did.”

ITVX now offers all five episodes of The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor for viewing.

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