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‘Shouting into the void’: Trump’s social media launch laughed off by experts

On Saturday, According to the report by Thomas Colson. “The site revealed on Tuesday followed Trump’s longtime adviser Jason Miller promising that Trump would soon create a social media platform that would ‘completely redefine the game’ on social media.”

Business Insider profiled the ways that former President Donald Trump’s exile from social media has influenced the viability of his message on the national stage and the indifferent way he is trying to make up for what he has lost. “Former President Donald Trump’s new ‘communication platform’ launched this week was widely mocked as little more than a ‘glorified blog,'” 

“‘A challenge for Trump is that the most effective online engagement requires interaction,’ Peter Loge, associate professor school of media and public affairs at the George Washington University, told Insider,” The report continued.

“‘Fans want to feel as if they have a relationship with their favorite celebrity. These ‘par asocial relationships’ are what keep fans coming back and buying more stuff,’ he stated. ‘At this point, Trump is just shouting into the void. He isn’t letting anyone shout back.'”

Facebook’s self-governing oversight board, commonly held to as the social network’s “Supreme Court,” upheld the former president’s ban from the policies following his collusion theories that committed to the violent attack of the U.S. Capitol. Nevertheless, the board also urged Facebook to create more workable criteria for issuing such bans, and revisit the Trump case in six months.

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