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Dog Was Locked In A Basement For 9-Yrs, They Also Found A Sick Puppy With Her

A dog named Jada had spent 9 haunting years enduring brutal solitary confinement in a crate in the basement of a home in Syracuse, New York. By the time cops found her, she had turned into an emaciated dog with scars of abuse littered across her diseased skin. The cops also discovered Jada’s sickly puppy in the basement, and they quickly rescued the duo from their bleak existence.

While Jada’s owners faced hefty animal cruelty charges, things didn’t look great for Jada. The poor dog had barely recovered from abuse when the vet found something troubling in her medical reports. The entire rescue team was devastated to learn that Jada was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer that had already spread to her lungs and was killing her slowly, but surely.

The cancer diagnosis was a huge blow to Jada, but the vet staff and shelter workers at Humane CNY joined hands to turn this depressing news into something meaningful. They drafted an emotional bucket list for Jada, and vowed to help her spend the rest of her days ticking off the items from this cherished list.

As Jada set out to fulfill her bucket list, her poignant story tugged at the hearts of the community. Soon, this dying pooch received outpouring support from animal lovers around the world, and hundreds of people came forward to help her on her bucket list quest!

Jada gradually weakened over the months as she ticked every item off her bucket list. She spent her final days getting pampered by the doting members of her forever family, and it was something that truly illuminated her broken soul. She passed away peacefully one afternoon, surrounded by people who loved her.

Jada’s death has left the entire community mourning her loss, but we are sure she is smiling down at everyone from doggie heaven. She bravely defeated her pain and immortalized her journey with love and purpose. We will always remember Jada as the celebrated crusader for abused and voiceless animals.

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