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Dog Training Tips – Body Language

Observing dog body language is a key point when you are training your dog because it is the only way you can understand the moods or feelings of your best friend even though there is a natural language barrier. This language barrier is quite easy to break when you observe your pet and try to understand their body language. Dog body language will tell us a great deal and one can use it to train your dog in better ways.

If you don’t understand the dog body language and are having trouble training your dog then you came to the right place because we are going to tell about dog body language that which type of behaviors represents what mood in dog body language and how do you handle it and some training tips as well.

Different Dog Body Language and Their Meaning:

Let us start deciphering the dog body language because if you understand your dog better then you can train it better.
There is a certain dog body language for a certain feeling like aggression, shy, relaxed, threatened, stress or being alert let us have a look at the signs to decipher them.


There are certain signs to figure out the dog body language for your dog feeling relaxed. These signs can be:

  • The tail of the dog will be down and will be relaxed.
  • Ears will be pointing up.
  • Your dog will be standing in a lose stance.
  • Mouth will be open and the tongue will be slightly exposed.


Dog body language signs for stress can be:

  • Yawn
  • Heavy Panting
  • Tail will be down
  • Body will be low
  • Ears will be pointing towards the back
  • The dog will be sweating through the pads.


Fear can be shown from these signs of dog body language:

  • Ears will pointing towards the back
  • Body will be lower
  • Tail will down and may be wagging a little.
  • Paw will be raised
  • Sweaty foot prints can also be found
  • Sometimes the dog may roll over and expose its stomach and throat.


Dog body language signs for aggression are:

  • Growling
  • Tail will be high
  • Body will be leaning forward
  • Stiff-legged stance or walk
  • Teeth will be visible
  • Ears will be pointing forwards
  • Body may be sometimes lowered
  • Charging


When the dog is on alert or finds something following will be the signs of the dog body language for that situation:

  • Mouth will be closed
  • Ears will be pointing forward
  • Tail will be in horizontal position
  • Body will be leaning slightly forward
  • You may observe your dog standing tall on its toes
  • Tail may move from side to side
  • And the eyes will be wide

These were few of the dog body language signs for certain situation which you may need to carefully remember and observe before reacting because if you concluded the dog body language wrong and reacted then there might be a chance that your dog can go out of your control and you will face problems trying to push the wrong behaviors out of it.

Tips for Dog Training:

Now after having a look at different dog body language signs, you need to know what to do next because the more knowledge you have for the man’s best friend the better it would be for its training.

  • For having a better relationship with your dog you need to know the fact that the dogs respond well to our body language just like they do. Too much talking may cause problems. As just as you understand your dog with the dog body language, you can make your dog understand with your own body language and yes that means less talk more action.
  • Dogs feel threatened when some other dog tries to get into their comfort zone, signs of which can be seen by understanding the dog body language. When the dog feels threatened the dog body language will show aggression or sometimes fear. Depending on the situation.
  • If you are observing the dog body language by the book you have to be careful about one thing that there are certain signs which are common in different moods of the dogs so you need to have a closer look at the dog body language from each and every aspect of the body otherwise long conclusion can lead to problems.

There is plenty much about the dog body language then it looks but it is the most important factor for the dog training. Understand these points of the dog body language then you will indeed have a best friend, if you don’t understand than you will have one misbehaving pet.

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