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Man ‘beat girlfriend, 24, to death after accidental bikini malfunction at pool party’

A police manhunt is underway in Brazil after a man allegedly beat his girlfriend to death after her bikini accidentally came loose at a pool party.

On Thursday, March 18, suspect Nikolas Iori Maichon and his girlfriend Ana Paula Coutinho, 24, attended a party in the Brazilian municipality of Itapecerica da Serra.

According to witness reports Ana Paula’s breast became exposed when she jumped into the pool and Nikolas Iori Maichon accused her of deliberately flashing the other party-goers.

The suspect then reportedly started to violently beat his girlfriend before he then bundled her into his car.

He drove Ana to her house and reportedly later took her dead body to a local hospital before fleeing the scene.

In an attempt to cover his tracks the suspect phoned Ana Paula’s family and told them Ana drowned in the pool, but said he managed to resuscitate her.

However, he then claimed she then began vomiting blood when back at her home and that he called his mother to help him get her to hospital.

When the family arrived at the hospital, Maichon’s mother was there but he had already left which raised their suspicions.

The family of Ana Paula became more concerned when doctors revealed the cause of death may have been a head injury.

The victim’s sister, who described Maichon as a “monster”, learned the truth behind Ana Paula’s death after speaking with the couple’s friends at the pool party.

It is understood that there was a history of violence from the suspect towards Ana Paula but she had always defended him.

Police confirmed they were hunting for the suspect and that he was also wanted for fraud from December 2020.

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