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This Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes. What He Saw Will Leave You With CHILLS…

NO matter which religion are you belong to; you have to admit that this Texas teen’s story makes you think about what you believe in.  Zack Clements, a 17-year-old boy who, warm was in a gym class at his school, Victor Life Academy in Brownwood, when he falls in and suffered cardiac arrest while running.

The boy was run to a hospital, where doctors were ready to pronounce him dead, as he had no pulse for 20 minutes. Then The hospital had Clements airlifted to a children’s hospital in Fort Worth, where he woke up several days later.

However, Clements’s recovery cannot be explained by medicine and felt completely fantastic, it’s what the teenager said when he woke up that caused his story to go viral. Clements says in the following video to CBS DFW that when he was “dead” for those 20 minutes, he

 saw a man who had long ruffled (confused)hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realize that that was Jesus’’.

Clements says Just like this sick little girl, who fell from a tree and claimed she went to heaven, where Jesus healed her of all her medical problems, Clements claims have turned questioners into believers and have left others completely confused.

, “For him to wake up and tell us something he experienced like that. It’s just you can’t explain it. It’s not humanly possible to explain it.” Clements ‘father puts it in the video shows, saying these words.

Do you believe Clements’ incredible story?

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