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Ex-reality star ‘lured Tinder date to flat before tying him up and beating him’

A former reality star and model allegedly tied up a Tinder date before attacking him and stealing his bank card.

Suzi Taylor, real name Suellen Jan Taylor, invited him over to her flat in Brisbane, Australia, a court heard.

She then bound the 33-year-old with the help of a friend and made him transfer hundreds of dollars before stealing his bank card, prosecutors allege.

The 50-year-old, who rose to fame on Australian renovations programme The Block in 2015, was granted bail by the Supreme Court in November, the Australian Associated Press reports.

During another court hearing, her lawyer said the alleged victim had been intoxicated on the night and couldn’t rule out the possibility that he had sexually assaulted her.

Taylor was later ejected from her family home and went to live in a mental health facility.

She was kicked out for intoxication and arrested on Wednesday, March 24, after allegedly breaching her bail conditions.

Taylor had been on the police’s radar since January after failing to appear in court.

She is now facing 103 charges, including extortion, assault, and deprivation of liberty.

Taylor’s defence solicitor said she would plead guilty to not appearing in court and breaches of bail on April 13.

She will face trial on the other charges in a separate court.

Earlier this week, a student was reprimanded after grabbing her friend’s hair and attacking her after a drunken argument.

Leanne Todd launched the attack on July 15 last year as she was staying with Nicola Patterson in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 33-year-old mum-of-two and her children were spending with the night with her friend, the Daily Record reported.

Todd “became aggressive” around 12.30am after “drinking very heavily” with Nicola, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Fiscal depute Karima Stewart said Todd pushed Nicola to the chest “with both hands then grabbed her by the hair with both hands, pulling her to the ground”.

Todd then sat on the victim while still gripping her hair, Ms Stewart added.

The sheriff ordered Todd, of the city’s Northfield area, to carry out 65 hours of unpaid work after she pleaded guilty to assault.

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