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Sources of Calcium and Importance

Sources of Calcium and Importance

Sources of Calcium and ImportanceObtaining calcium from everyday diet and food as calcium is the most important thing for everyone especially women. The calcium sources around us are vast. All we need to do is to make sure calcium is a part of our everyday food and meals so that we prevent ourselves from a number of diseases in women especially diseases related to bones.

Calcium holds great importance for women as for body functions, bones and teeth calcium is what strengthens the bones and allows them to work in the proper manner. In the last five years, we have seen a major deficiency of calcium in women all around the globe and this is due to lack of knowledge about calcium and its sources. It is very important to know our food and what we eat. Making calcium and products that have calcium a part of our daily meals is very much essential in order to lead a healthy life.

It is a known fact that 99% of the calcium is in our bones and teeth but to retain this amount and keeping the balance of calcium levels maintained in our bodies is very important too. There are many unhealthy food products that have become a major part of our everyday meals and these are the things which actually make your body run out of the necessary supply and storage of calcium. You need to know your body first and then start taking the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and lastly and most importantly calcium.

The biggest and most common source of calcium is milk and it is best if women keep having milk at least once every day. However, it is also believed that most of the calcium storage and retention in women is till the twenties and after that it becomes hard to store calcium in our bodies which in turns leads to deficiencies but still, women should keep on having the right amount of calcium in their everyday meals. Fish (salmon), green vegetables (broccoli, spinach) and dairy products are the most common sources of calcium and they are very rich in the calcium content too.

Women can also increase their amount of calcium through calcium supplements that are easily available at stores. These supplements are good for women who find it hard to keep a balance regarding the calcium content in their body and the right sources of calcium too. Taking calcium supplements is not a bad idea but over dosing with it is certainly not good for women health and might give adverse affects to the body. Make sure you ask a doctor before taking these calcium supplements.

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