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Highly Rich Protein Foods


Highly Rich Protein FoodsHealth is of much importance for both men and women. Without health, in fact good and quality health, you can’t survive well and can’t perform your daily routine tasks in an appropriate and efficient way. Good and quality health and fitness is very much necessary for a woman as she has to take care of her family and children and also some has to perform office and professional duties along with hectic household chores.

For good health, a woman should take protein rich food on regular basis.  There are number of protein rich foods that are very healthy and beneficial for a woman health. Here, we are listing some of the protein rich foods. All you need is to take these protein foods on daily basis and also don’t forget to do regular workout and exercise.

Protein rich foods:

White Meat: White meat is a wonderful protein rich food. White meat includes: fish, cookery and sea food items. Avoid red meat as it contains high level of cholesterol that is not good for your overall health and fitness. Fish and chicken is beneficial for a woman health.  The white meat contains all essential protein enzymes which make you healthy, fit and active. Omega 3 or fish protein oil is also good for bones.

Vegetables: Fresh and green leafy vegetable are very good for your health and fitness. Vegetables, specially the green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cucumber, turnip etc. and fresh beans like soya bean, pea’s beans, soya beans etc. are rich protein food. Fresh fruits like orange, guava, banana and apple are highest protein level and are very good for a woman’ health.

Nuts: Nuts considered as best and rich protein foods. Their oil is also very beneficial and necessary for mental and physical growth. Peanut butter, almonds, cashew, pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are all rich protein foods. Nuts are not only valuable and useful for woman but for men as well.

Eggs and dairies: Eggs are number one rich protein foods. An egg a daily is must for a woman to maintain and manage health and fitness. An egg daily makes you strong and efficient and keeps you active whole day. Dairy products include: milk, cheese, butter and mayonnaise etc. are also rich protein foods and are mandatory for health and fitness. A woman specially needs a glass of milk daily for proper health and fitness.

These are some of the rich protein foods.  Just stick to them and make sure to intake them regularly.

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