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Breakfast Food Pyramid

Breakfast Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid

All and all, we have seen the importance of food pyramids in food and nutrition but breakfast food pyramid is given even more importance as breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of your entire day. Therefore, a good breakfast food pyramid contains all the essential and nutritive elements of food that make you fit and fine for hectic routines.

The most important things in a breakfast food pyramid are:

1. Dairy
2. Cereals
3. Fruits
4. Vegetables
5. Meat and Poultry
6.. Fats, Oils and Sweets; just a little bit

On the baseline of a breakfast food pyramid we see that the most essential parts of a good breakfast are the cereals and breads. They are excellent as they strengthen your metabolism and they are full in fiber. Just by having a bowl of cereal in morning you can remain energetic for hours and hours without feeling hungry soon.

After cereals and breads comes the turn of fruits and vegetables in breakfast food pyramid. Nothing can be a better source of tons of vitamins and minerals than fruits and vegetables. In breakfast food pyramid, their importance is clearly visible by giving them the second position from the baseline. They are ideal to keep your eye sight, senses and other body parts fit by fighting out any mineral or vitamin deficiency in the body. In breakfast, they are essential to take because it is the breakfast time where we are actually making ourselves get ready for the hectic daily routines and we want to feel fresh and healthy rather than being lethargic.

At the third level of breakfast food pyramid come the meat, poultry and dairy products. Dairy products are easy to take if you are fond of eating cereals. A combination of a good cereal with milk high in calcium for breakfast is just ideal for you bones and healthy digestive system. In poultry, it is highly recommended in breakfast that you eat one egg daily as it will show its impacts in the long run by giving you healthier hair and good skins. Moreover, occasionally you can also have a piece of grilled fish or chicken in breakfast.

Fats, oils and sweets are to be sparingly used in breakfast and it is best to avoid them too. Many people like to eat quick energy or granola bar as they are convenient. You can have them but make sure they are not the sources of high sweet content or fats for you as it is against the breakfast food pyramid.

Apart from all these things in breakfast, you can also have a good intake of nuts and dry fruits but don’t eat them too much as they can be a major reason for higher cholesterol level.

Lastly and most importantly, maintain a good water intake at all levels of breakfast food pyramid. In fact, before even starting off with breakfast, drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. By maintaining a good intake of water especially before breakfast, you are going to do a blessing for your body and water is important at all levels of breakfast food pyramid. It not only revitalizes your body but also keeps you healthy in every possible way.

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