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Fashion of Decades

Fashion is an ever changing phenomenon. Every new comes up with lots of new fashion and style trends. Today, we are going to highlight fashion of decades for your fashion conscious readers so that they can easily choose old but gold fashion trend to enhance their style and charm.

Fashion and style is not a new thing for every one of you. In fact fashion and style were also present in its full bloom in ancient days. Not only the royal ladies of Roma and Greek but a common household lady in every corner of world was use to with fashion and style trends. Fashion and style are two main and necessary elements of women life. Even today’s fashionable and stylish ladies seem crazy to know about the fashion of decades to adopt and then impress others by different and out of the way fashion and style.

Fashion of decades includes fashion and style from 1900s to 2000s. The fashion decade of 2000 is the most revive and weird shape of old fashion trends. Number of fashion gurus and fashion designers are going to look old fashion of decades and then put those lines in their creative and latest sartorial. Many of international fashion designers also claimed that 2000 fashion decade is an era of “revival of old fashion trends”. Today, what suits you best is fashion and become your personality style statement.

Here is an exclusive gallery of fashion of decades that will give you an enchanting and amazing journey towards fashion of decades.


1900s Fashion

The world of fashion was experiencing tight collars, lots of laces, embellishments, , lace up boots for women, feather hats for women and up swept hair styles.


1910s Fashion

The 1910’s fashion decade tells us that trench coats, narrow hobble skirts, V-neck sweaters, decorated hairpins, decorated stockings, lace-up boots and  sneakers (for sports only) were high in demand.


1920s Fashion

Cloches, baggy flannel trousers for men, long coats for women, sheer stockings, T-strap shoes and bobbed hairstyle were hot favorite at that time.


1930s Fashion

Long flowing gowns, fox-fur collars, shoulder pads, wide overcoats and rectangular wristwatches and sandals


1940s Fashion

Rolled-up blue jeans, drain pipe trousers, sleek evening dresses, pageboy haircut, cork-soled wedgie shoes and Hawaiian shirts for men


1950s Fashion

White Polo T-shirts, black leotards, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, full skirts with petticoats and strapless evening gowns and ponytail hairstyle were hot favorite


1960s Fashion

The 1960fashion decade take us to bell bottoms, miniskirts, pale makeup shades, white vinyl go-go shoes, peace signs, beehive hairdo


1970s Fashion

The Western style was on hype in fashion decade of 1970. The western boots, denim jeans, earth tones skirts, leotards wrap-around skirts and the Afro style were high in demand at that time


1980s Fashion

Frills, laces, bright vests and shirts, power suits, pearl necklaces, ankle socks and penny loafers included in fashion decades of 1980


1990s Fashion

Now was the time of branded fashion items. Designer’s attires, designer’s shoes, designer’s sneakers, designer’s accessories along with baggy pants, chain wallets, hooded sweaters in winter and tattoos were all in fashion decade of 1990


2000s Fashion

Also known as present era, the fashion and style trends are sky rocketing these days. The fashion decade of 2000 tells us that everything either classic of weird is in fashion and style. The most important thing is that it must suits on you. Bell bottom jeans, narrow bottom jeans, tank tops, bare midriffs, blazers, animal prints, graphic prints, high-retro shoes are all in fashion decades of 2000.

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