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Selecting the Fashionable Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe FashionTraveling is something everyone enjoys a lot and looks forward too. For most people it is more about looking good rather than appreciating the beauty of the place they are visiting. As a rule, whenever we plan to travel we get ourselves some new fashionable travel wardrobe according to the visiting place climate. There is this new wave of excitement about the fashionable travel wardrobe that we get and a lot of people get pretty confused in selecting the right gear. Therefore, while selecting a fashionable travel wardrobe certain point’s one should bear in mind as follows:

1. For a fashionable travel wardrobe: keep in mind that it should be something comfortable, stylish, light weight, and wrinkle free and breathable. Fashionable travel wardrobe is incomplete without comfort.

2. Keep a Knit black Pant: A fashionable travel wardrobe has to have a pair of these. These pants are as comfortable as yoga pants yet as stylish as something one would wear under a dress. These are must and can be used in various ways. They can be easily washed in a sink and yet worn again to a nice dinner or party. When out on formal meetings, jeans are not that appropriate and these black pants give a formal touch instantly. Hence a fashionable travel wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of these.

3. A Basic T-shirt: fashion travel wardrobe needs basics too like a T-Shirt. Something you can easily play with yet very comfortable. It won’t occupy much space in your suitcase. While out just on a random visit, your fashionable travel wardrobe with a very basic t-shirt can make you look very stylish.

4. The ballet Flat: No matter how elegant and lady like a pair of heel looks. Nothing compares to the level of comfort a ballet flat has to offer. While making a fashionable travel wardrobe keeping comfort in mind is essential because while travelling you need to be easy. A ballet flat never goes out of style .Again one can play with their look and pair them with a casual or formal look. While selecting a fashionable travel wardrobe, select neutral shades for flats.

5. A Nice Necklace: a fashionable travel wardrobe is incomplete without the basic women accessory.”A Necklace”. While travelling one has a very limited option for the kind of jewellery that they can keep. Hence try to keep just one necklace that goes with a lot of clothes. A simple necklace of pearls can do the job. A nice pearl necklace over a black top can change the whole look from casual to formal. Hence a fashionable travel wardrobe is incomplete without the appropriate accessories.

6. Blazer: Fashionable travel wardrobe has to have a blazer in it. It doesn’t really matter what you wear beneath it but a fashionable travel wardrobe is incomplete without it.

7. The cross body purse: Now bags are an essential and take up most of the space in a suitcase.Every woman differs in her selection of purse. A cross body purse is something that a fashionable travel wardrobe should have. It is big enough to accommodate the essentials, yet one can easy wear it for long without experiencing any pain.

8. A dress: when we speak of a fashionable travel wardrobe, we can ignore the importance of a dress. Keep a simple black dress or any other color. Neutrals are always a safe option, they add to the fashionable travel wardrobe and one can also play them up with accessories. The neutral flats with a neutral dress look very classy. However if you don’t have a dress in neutral, Black is something that never goes out of style and always looks classy.

Here are a few points that will help in making your fashionable travel wardrobe more trendy and classy. Not only will it make your suitcase full of fashionable travel dresses but will help in accommodating your essentials in a suitcase.

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