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How to Organize your Cosmetic Collection

Organize Cosmetic Collection

Makeup CosmeticsWomen love to buy cosmetics. Makeup is the only thing which enhances your beauty and some woman get satisfied after spending a huge amount of money on makeup. Cosmetics can change your look and make your dull face into a beautiful glowing face. Makeup is an art and when some knows how to deal with this art, then one is blessed and talented.

The woman is incomplete without cosmetics. Many women don’t know how to take care of the cosmetics such as they don’t how to organize them and when they have to go some where then they don’t get the right product at that time so it is always better to organize the cosmetic.

Organizing the cosmetic is not a difficult, for this only you just need to know what product you use more and what product you have often. Most women have a lot of cosmetic and when they have too much than it is difficult sometime to update it too.

There are many ways you can organize your cosmetic collection.

The first and the very important thing is that whenever you go to makeup stores and you get some new cosmetic products, just before getting it make sure you don’t have that shade or thing before, if you already have it then it is useless to get it again. When you got new things make sure that you throw away some of your old cosmetic which you don’t use and which is expired. Never use expired makeup, it is really bad for the skin.

Don’t do makeup shopping too much, always get good things and try to emphasis on quality not on quantity.
If we talk about organizing than put all your makeup on one side and then see how much makeup you have. First make a list that what you need and what you don’t need.

The first step is that take all your foundations out from the makeup collection and put it in the separate drawer or in a separate box. Also count your foundations so that you know how much you have and write it down on a paper. Makeup is incomplete without foundation so you must have one good one.

The second step is to take out the concealers, take out all types liquid and pencils. Put the concealer near the foundation because you apply concealer after or before you apply foundation. You must just have one liquid and one pencil concealer, no need to get too much of them it is a waste of money.

The third step is to put all your eye shades together in a box or in some pouch. Everyone has lots of eye shades so you must just have one eye shade of one color, this way you will have an organized eye shades collection. Eye shades are important in eye makeup so keep it near the basic makeup like foundations.

The fourth step is to take a mug or a pouch and put all your eye liners and eye pencils in one pouch. Eye liner enhances the beauty of eyes so keep this pouch near the eye shadows. Mascara is an important cosmetic product, without it eye beauty can not be enhanced so keep mascara in this pouch too.

The fifth step is putting all shades of your blushes in one box and keep it near to the foundation and make sure you have pinks and peach shades of blushes.

Lipsticks and lip glosses should be kept together in one mug and you can also separate your daily use lipsticks and glosses in another mug. Keep lip liners in the mug. This way all the lips cosmetic is in one mug.

Put all your brushes in one pouch and put it near the makeup and put all your eye creams, day creams, moisturizers and lotion in one section.

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