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Black dresses every woman should own them

Black dresses for WomenBlack dresses are for everyone and you can find dresses to suit each different occasion in your life.

Every girl who knows her fashion will know the importance of that little black dress (LBD). Black dresses are the saviors to all those wobbly fashion moments we have before a big night out; be it a romantic date, dinner with colleagues and clients or even just partying with your friends. When it doubt whip out the black dresses. I use the plural form, because it’s important to have more than just ONE! Sometimes you’ll need to own the long dresses, the short dresses, mini dresses, evening dresses and occasion dresses all in black.

The thing with black is it’s formal, smart, slimming, sexy and a staple must have! If you don’t own any black dresses then i am wondering what on earth you wear to those last minute events that pop up. Don’t get me wrong ladies, black dresses aren’t just for need or necessity; they come in so incredibly handy for almost all occasions and look fantastic as well. Different lengths and fabrics in dresses are what set them apart for wearing at different times. Read on to see just what I mean:

Chiffon, short dresses or mid length black dresses are great for that romantic meal for two. This year, dresses which have ruffling are tres chic and you should snap yours up already!

Long black dresses in a silk, chiffon or georgette are great for formal cocktails, a wedding and even a black tie event because they look elegant and refined. Granted, these dresses are not worn very often but you can always jazz them up with colourful accessories or even keep it sleek and simple with white or gold accessories.

Evening dresses can go either way, in terms of length. I think the fitted “‘below the knee” dresses are sophisticated and smart and can work for office drinks or an evening out with friends and family.

Black dresses which are short in length are great for a night out. However, please remember the micro mini dresses are best left to those size 0 models and even they should be careful wearing the mini dresses too short! Although, the hemlines are much shorter this year so prepare to bare in the little black dresses this summer.

Dresses, for this season will be essential wardrobe items to own. Short or long, flowing or tight; dresses always look ultra feminine and the fact that black can give you a slimming look is reason enough to snap up a hundred black dresses!

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