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Prince Harry Can’t ‘Use His Children’ to Reconcile with William, Insider Claims

William and Harry

Prince Harry’s children may have to bear the brunt of his damaged relationship with Prince William, according to a source. The Duke of Sussex, who met with King Charles in February following his cancer diagnosis, has been unable to reunite with his big brother and missed out on the Invictus Games anniversary in May.

While the ruling monarch is inclined towards reconnecting with Harry, William remains deeply hurt by Harry and Meghan’s actions, which he believes have profoundly affected his wife, Princess Kate. Charles desires a close relationship with his grandchildren, Prince Archie (aged five) and Princess Lilibet (aged three), similar to the bond he shares with William and Kate’s children.

Speaking with Daily Mirror, an insider shared that William has “turned the page” on that chapter of his life where he was once fond of Harry and doesn’t hold that much of a desire to meet his children. “The King hankers for the day when he can see his Sussex grandchildren without the rancor that seems permanently to surround relations with his California-based son,” they said.

As for William, the tipster continued: “Whatever might happen in the future, the trust that was implicit in [William’s] relationship with Harry is gone for good. Even if it is possible that some kind of ­managed reconciliation could be achieved, it will never be anything more than superficial.”

However, Archie and Lilibet haven’t visited the UK since June 2022, highlighting the strain within the family. The tension between the royal brothers not only impacts their relationship but also affects the younger generation of the family. The source explained that while King Charles is open to bridging the gap, William’s resentment poses a significant barrier.

As the royal family navigates these personal conflicts, the hope remains that they can find a path to reconciliation, especially for the sake of the children involved. The ongoing rift underscores the complexities of family dynamics, even within the monarchy, and the challenges of mending such deeply personal wounds.

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