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VIDEO “This Wolf Pup Learned That Squirrel Bites on the Nose Don’t Feel So Good” Trail-Cam Captures Painful Lesson in Minnesota

wolf pup discovering that capturing squirrels
Photo Source wolf_squirrel_1 © USA TODAY

Recently captured trail-cam footage in Minnesota shows a young wolf pup discovering the painful consequences of trying to catch squirrels.

“This wolf pup learned that squirrel bites on the nose don’t feel so good,” stated the Voyageurs Wolf Project via X.

The video begins with a slow-motion sequence, highlighting the moment the pup receives a sharp bite on the tip of its snout from a squirrel, sending the small rodent flying.

The action continues, showing more of the hunt at both regular speed and in slow motion, including a second bite to the pup’s snout.

One viewer aptly described the scene as a “food fight.”

This footage underscores that life as a young predator involves hard work and some painful lessons for nearly every meal.

The Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, encompassing Voyageurs National Park, is a vast boreal forest. The Voyageurs Wolf Project, utilizing trail cameras, studies wolves in this region, capturing moments like this to better understand the challenges and behaviors of these young predators.

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