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‘New Moon’ the ‘Twilight’ Sequel

‘New Moon’ the ‘Twilight’ Sequel

After the amazing and successful feedback of the heart touchy movie “Twilight”, the “New Moon” which is the sequel of the previous one is gaining better fame & business.
There is a sequence of movies line-up in this series, and the first one twilight did extremely wonderful business and has developed an infinite number of fans; throughout the world. This might be the reason that the second movie of the series, new moon is running successfully all over the world. Millions of twilight fans were anxiously waiting for this up-coming suspense & romance mix-up. In fact, a large number of new moon viewers are those who already watched the twilight or read its book version. Interestingly, girls are more interested in watching & knowing all about twilight and new moon.
Stephanie Meyers is the name behind creating these dynamic yet romantic versions. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, were the two leading names of the series. Now you will see Taylour Launter as Jacob, as the second hero with Bella Swan in the new moon. It would be true, if we will say that there is little row between Jacob and the Edward in the new moon.
This movie new moon has broken almost all the previous movie records on box office and since its launch, on the 20th of November, has amassed 256 million dollars in the United States alone. With an approximate figure New moon has earned above $500 million worldwide.
Besides all this, after the well-appreciated twilight songs and music globally, New Moon has undoubtedly released on the best soundtrack albums of 2009.
The next version of the sequel will be “Eclipse”, releasing on the 30th of June, 2010. The twilight sequel fans can enjoy the third version of the dynamic, cutting-edge series at IMAX specialty venues. IMAX has the ability to record and demonstrate the distant sized images and resolution than usual film systems.
New Moon and all the sequenced movies of the series are considered as the wildly popular vampire franchise.

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