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Ashley Greene’s advise for Prom Dress

Ashley Greene’s advise for Prom Dress

Ashley Greene, the Twilight and New Moon star, being a young blood has plenty of fruitful tips to give youngsters. Now she is revealing some of the helpful tips, regarding Prom night dress.
The actress, Ashley Greene is busy these days in establishing her role as Alice Cullen in "Eclipse," the next chapter of the "Twilight" sequel.
According to Ashley Greene, it’s good to schedule the event with the pre-planning of the night’ like the dress & hair style etc, so that you will not have any problem on that day. While selecting the dress, which is the most important, keep the thing in mind that it should be comfortable enough to dance comfortably. The color of the dress must also be soothing yet attractive. Not only dance, you have to move around according to the circumstances, you have to eat & drink, and stuff like that. While giving tips to girls, Ashley Greene also revealed that never to take nude photos of you with the digital camera.
Girls usually have a lot of excitement about the prom night, particularly in wearing the utmost stunning outfit. Almost all have many expectations from one another’s in looking great. Ashley Greene is also on the view that your make-up must also be in an equal or well-balanced tone and you should not give heavy look; as the soft look with the elegant dress looks more attractive. 
So girls, feel beautiful by following these rewarding perspectives and make your man happy.

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