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Princess of Wales being flirty as she gives Prince William a gentle tap on the behind in This New Video

Princess of Wales
Dave Benett/Getty Images

Kate Middleton was seen talking in Prince William‘s ear as they walked down the red carpet at the BAFTAs award presentation at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank, London, today. Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk exclusively that the pair’s “flirty” exchanges revealed information about how they communicate emotionally.

While there are no explicit “laws” prohibiting members of the Royal Family from publicly displaying affection, it is not typically witnessed when they make public appearances.

Judi stated: “William and Kate put on a playful, tactile display, with Kate looking like a Hollywood diva on the red carpet and William utilizing body language that suggests he’s on his first date.

“The couple’s eye contact appears to be more frequent and strong than normal, implying that they are utilizing it to connect emotionally and to share what appears to be high levels of joy and excitement at the glitzy event.

“Both William and Kate appear to like dressing up for events such as this, and William’s extremely toothy smile with some suppressions at the corner of the lips reveals precisely how thrilled he is to be on this up-market version of a date night with his lovely wife.”

She went on to say that the couple’s attendance at the BAFTAs was more than simply physical gestures of devotion. “When the pair isn’t really touching, they’re doing some abbreviated contact rituals, with arms raised to signal a desire to be even more tactile,” Judi added.

“William has a cocked thumb, which is a classic male body language signal indicating extreme enjoyment.” The pair seemed to be quite near as they walked down the red carpet, with Kate whispering in Prince William’s ear and their physical proximity to one another obvious as they made their way to the event.

Judi went on to say that Kate’s assertive posture in her white gown revealed an even more flirty demeanor. “Kate seems confident enough to be classified as flirtatious here, even giving William a tiny pat on the bottom from one neatly gloved hand in a typical symbol of lighthearted flirtation,” she added.

It’s not the first time Kate and Prince William have let outsiders inside their private lives in public. Last year, when they were greeted by other guests on the BAFTA red carpet, William made a discreet gesture of affection towards Kate. Several royal enthusiasts have seen the tiny slide of his hand onto her back on various times in the past.

Kate has also launched similar activities toward Prince William by making more visible, nonverbal messages about their love. In fact, according to Judi, the pair’s PDA has “intensified” in recent years, presumably as a method for the couple to “mark their rise up to direct successors to the throne”.

Kate wore a floor-length Alexander McQueen gown at the BAFTAs today, while William looked dashing in a black velvet suit. The gowns worn by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge first appeared on the same red carpet in 2019.

The gown had changed since she originally wore it, with the one-shoulder frills left free and hung over her arm on one side. Kate wore black accessories, including opera-style gloves and a little Jimmy Choo clutch purse, to match the couple’s monochrome ensemble. She accessorized with large gold earrings and wore her trademark waved hair freely down for the “goddess” look Judi mentioned.

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