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Meghan Markle made Savage Comment about William and Kate’s Wedding before they Met

Royal Family
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Years before she became a member of the Royal Family herself, Meghan Markle conjectured that Kate Middleton’s wedding was the result of a youthful fantasy. A large portion of the world watched in wonder as Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011. However, not Meghan Markle, who had already begun criticizing her. She was familiar with the big day’s images and reports long before she started dating Prince Harry, like many people all across the world.

According to The Mirror, she made the decision to post her resentful feelings about the event on her lifestyle blog. While the West Minster Abbey procession in April 2011 won the hearts of millions, Meghan loathed the “pomp” surrounding the event, calling it “childhood illusions.”

She asserted that she had no adult aspirations of being a gorgeous princess.

Little girls dream of being princesses, she added. I personally was a huge fan of She-Ra, Princess of Power. For those of you who are not aware of the 1980s cartoon allusion, She-Ra is He-twin Man’s sister and a strong, sword-wielding royal rebel.

Grown women appear to hold onto this fantasy from their infancy, but “we’re obviously not talking about Cinderella here. Just take a look at all the fanfare surrounding the royal wedding and the constant discussion of Princess Kate.
Kate Middleton stunned in a gorgeous long-sleeved wedding dress created by Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton.

The delicate lace work and traditional form of her dress drew praise from the media for its stunning and timeless design.

The dress received high appreciation for paying homage to the customary design of royal wedding gowns while still embracing contemporary features like the V-neckline and tight waist.

She also brought a bouquet made out of hyacinth, myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William, and ivy.

Initially, Kate and her assistants tried to keep the design a secret, but Ms. Burton’s name was revealed a few weeks before the wedding.

The Sunday Times reported that Middleton chose her because of her “quirky elegance, discretion, and low profile.” Middleton is working harder than ever to find her own personal style.

According to a fashion insider, Middleton’s own design ideas and Burton’s in-depth expertise and comprehension of high fashion would be combined to create the outfit. Prior to the nuptials, Middleton had intended to keep Burton’s identity a secret.

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