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Friends of Wendy Williams are worried about the new relationships she’s made since her talk show went off the air

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A new story says that close friends of Wendy Williams, who used to be on TV, are worried about the new people she is hanging out with.

“The real worry is when she has people over to her house,” a source told Page Six. She has expensive bags and jewelry lying around.”

The news comes just a few days after a news outlet said that the 58-year-old had started selling things from her New York apartment.

“Wendy is not in the best state of mind, so, unfortunately, people will take advantage of that,” the person said. Shine My Crown wrote in February about how the star has been living alone since her kingdom fell apart in early 2022.

A source told The U.S. Sun in an exclusive interview that Williams has become a hermit who no longer sees any of her friends but calls them from time to time to give them empty updates on her life.

The source is also worried that, despite what her representatives have said recently in the press, her long-awaited show will never catch on.

“She’s been calling people and saying things like, ‘Hey, let’s have dinner,’ but she’s acting like all this time hasn’t passed,” a person said.

“When you finally get her to tell you how she’s been doing, she goes off on tangents about being single, looking for love, and all sorts of other things. It’s a random call with no news about how she’s doing or anything else.”

A second source said that on her website for her soon-to-be-launched podcast, there is a sign-up form for people who want to be guests on the show.

However, there have been no official talks with networks or stations about when the shows will start airing. “This sign-up form for random people to appear on her podcast is a little strange,” a person said.

But the official Instagram page for the show says that the media star who ruled the radio for 13 seasons is back and ready to work. In a rare clip that was shared online, she said that she’s “just happy to be here” after a short stay at a health center last year.

After Williams passed out live on The Wendy Williams Show, people started to worry about her health. During a commercial break, she woke up and went back on live to tell the audience she was “fine.”

She said at the time that she passed out because she was too hot in her Halloween outfit of the Statue of Liberty. Since then, she would sometimes leave the show to take care of her health.

After 13 seasons, the show was finally taken off the air in 2022. Wells Fargo froze her assets a few months later, saying that she was not mentally able to take care of her own money.

“There was a time when I abused drugs. I used to do cocaine when I was younger, and it was a mess. In a 2018 talk with Dr. Oz, she said, “I was working, but it was a mess.” “I spent 12 years of my life having a lot of fun…One day I woke up and said, “No more.”

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