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Justin Bieber looks back at his drunken arrest: ‘God brought me a long way’

American singer Justin Bieber and his dark past filled with offenses and drug abuse is no news for the world.

And while the Baby hit maker has moved past that tumultuous stage in his life, it certainly still haunts him to date.

Looking back at the time he was taken into custody nearly seven years ago for driving under the influence of alcohol, the 26-year-old admitted it wasn’t his proudest moment.

Turning to his Instagram, Bieber harked back to the incident and wrote: “7 years ago today I was arrested, not my finest hour. Not proud of where I was at in my life. I was hurting, unhappy, confused, angry, mislead, misunderstood and angry at god.”

“I also wore too much leather for someone in Miami,” he quipped.

“All this to say God has brought me a long way. From then til now I do realize something.. God was as close to me then as he is right now. My encouragement to you is to ‘let your past be a reminder of how far god has brought you,” he went on to say.

“Don’t allow shame to ruin your ‘today’ let the forgiveness of Jesus take over and watch your life blossom into all that God has designed you to be. LOVE YOU GUYS WITH MY WHOLE HEART,” he added. 

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