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Trump Whined That Melania Isn’t Treated Fairly By The Press During Recent Interview

Donald Trump got over 74 million votes but fell short of Joe Biden, who surpassed Trump – and all previous presidential candidates – by racking up a record-breaking 81 million votes.

Trump received 74.2 million votes. Still, Trump typically tries to round it off to 75 million votes, but that’s not what rounding off means. Biden won 81,283,098 votes. That rounds out to 81 million votes.

Trump was interviewed on Real America’s Voice, and of course, told host Dr. Gina that he received “almost 75 million votes.” Math isn’t Trump’s strong suit, and neither is the truth.

Dr. Gina asked Trump, “How is the most beautiful and elegant First Lady in history doing?” I can answer that. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is doing very well; thanks for asking! Oh, she’s referring to Melania Trump, who exited the White House as the least popular First Lady in U.S. history.

Trump, of course, brought up his rallies, saying that he would see signs that read, “We love our First Lady.” The former president said, “People really do love her,” and added, “It’s like incredible. She’s an elegant woman, and she’s really worked hard.”

Trump then claimed that Melania “doesn’t get a fair press, but we can say that about all of us.” He said, “It’s an unfair situation,” then added, “It’s like a closed press, it’s ridiculous. The people get it, shows like yours, the people get it. We got almost 75 million votes, and I suspect, and you do too, that it was a lot more than that.”


Ah, that last part right there is more of the same bullshit from the former guy that can’t accept that he was defeated by President Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. Dr. Gina did not call him out on that, either.

Trump is spreading his Big Lie about widespread voter fraud that doesn’t exist simply because his narcissistic brain sustained an injury after he was defeated in November. It’s over 5 months after the election, and he still insists that he won. As for Melania, she’s a racist birther, just like her husband. There’s nothing elegant about racism.

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