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Portia de Rossi sparks health concerns due to actress’s extreme weight loss?

According to National Enquirer, Portia de Rossi was unable to take good care of herself while her wife, Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being a bully.

Shortly after, the toxic environment allegations against DeGeneres and her staff on Ellen Show surfaced. And this, allegedly, took a toll on de Rossi’s health.

Portia de Rossi lost 15 pounds in 12 months
The tabloid claimed to have spoken to an expert, who never treated de Rossi. And the expert speculated that the Scandal star must have lost at least 15 pounds.

And since DeGeneres’ wife has always struggled with her weight, the expert claimed that de Rossi is just around 93 pounds right now.

She’s looking emaciated. Stress, diet, anorexia? She surely looks like she needs to increase her nutritional intake. She looks like a starving refugee,” the source said.

Portia de Rossi at risk of suffering from anorexia
Years ago, de Rossi suffered from anorexia. And the illness reached its peak when the actress dropped to just 82 pounds.

As such, the tabloid claims that the actress’s friends are worried she would go back to her dangerous days.

This isn’t the first time that tabloids speculated about de Rossi’s health and weight. And most often than not, they do not have any proof that DeGeneres’ wife is struggling.

Rather, they simply publish photos of the actress wearing baggy clothes. And they claim that she looks too thin in her attire.

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