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Former Friend Claimed That Melania Knows Why Trump Divorced Ivana And Marla But Stayed With Her

The revelations about the First Lady and the Trump family as a whole as Stephanie Winston Wolkoff prepares for the release of her all-story book Melania and I: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First. The lady was nothing more than to keep her mouth open.

We have been hit by some heavy bombs over time, from Melania’s loveless relationship with her eldest stepdaughter Ivanka to the initial financial investigation and general depravity where Trump found her at the center. The first family as a whole.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information from Wolkoff’s work, however, is his theory of why Melania is the stuck woman.

For the American people, Melania is a calm, thoughtful person. However, according to his old friend and advisor, the first lady seems to have a lot to say.

Wolkoff had a conversation with Melania and asked why he had never used the name “Trump” to promote his various brands. It seems that this question prompted Melania to share her thoughts on why Donald’s two previous marriages had failed.

He knew exactly what he wanted and didn’t want with his third wife. Melania’s old friend wrote in her book, “He wasn’t the type of husband to fuel his wife’s career.” “Melania told me that the secret of her long marriage to her was that she was completely different from her other wives.”

Stephanie reveals that, according to Melania, Trump’s former women put too much pressure on him, which ultimately led to the death of their union.

“Unlike Marla Maples, Melania did not put any emotional pressure on her,” wrote Stephanie, explaining Melania’s testimony. “Unlike Donald’s first wife, Marla Maples, who ran one of the Atlantic City casinos and sold jewelry and clothing at QVC for ten years, Melania didn’t press Donald to do anything.

Basically, Donald Trump seems interested in a spouse who doesn’t avoid him.

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