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Queen Elizabeth Understands Meghan Markle’s Absence from Funeral, Friend Says

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, on his return to London to attend the funeral of Prince Philip she has not joined her husband. But the friend said that Queen Elizabeth understands her absence. According to the Daily Mail that Queen Elizabeth would expect Meghan to “stay safe and healthy for the baby” and because of this their relationship won’t change. When she was pregnant with her second baby she was advised not to travel to California from London.

The doctor advised her to stay home in the summer to wait for the baby because last time of her miscarriage and her growing age. Then Meghan’s mother, Dorian Ragland, also insisted that her daughter should rather support Harry “from afar.” A friend said that, as much as Meghan loved Philip and has a unique “special bond” with her husband’s grandfather so the last thing for Duchess of Sussex is to need full stress from the travel.

Now the royal grandson is currently observing quarantine at Frogmore Cottage, So now his home is near Windsor Castle. According to the reports earlier is that he would stay at Nottingham Cottage near Kensington Palace, where Prince William lives. Now harry is not yet allowed to see all the members of the royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth, as he traveled commercial with British Airways so his health is risked.

On the day of the funeral on Saturday, April 17 he will likely be face-to-face with his family for the first time. On the other hand, some sources also said that Meghan has personally spoken with the queen to express her sympathies. On the Arche well website, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also prepared a tribute to Philip.

And that has been updated to accommodate Harry’s statement. In the interview, Meghan has said with Oprah Winfrey that Queen Elizabeth has always treated her well.She also said that she enjoyed the company of the monarch, but fact that her brief stint as a working royal, but always the queen reminded her of her grandmother.

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