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Megyn Kelly Slams Harry And Meghan’s New $100m Netflix Documentary As ‘Unbearable’


Megyn Kelly called the new Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary ‘unbearable’ and speculated whether the prince needed a trained psychotherapist instead of a ‘troublesome, woke wife’.

Kelly wasn’t overly impressed with the Sussexes’ much-discussed debut on Netflix, which most viewed as a disconnected whining fest that continued to spread the weary narrative about Harry and Meghan’s difficult time in their royal duties.

The SiriusXM Monday host called the docuseries, which began Thursday, “three hours that I’m never going back.” And that was the nicest thing the former Fox News host had to say.

Kelly said the documentary was largely “uninspiring” and ultimately an “endless waste of time”.

Harry and Meghan largely spent the early episodes of their show complaining, which is not a new act for the Duke and Duchess

“Believe it or not, this couple always complains,” Kelly said.

‘From the Montecito mansion, with two beautiful healthy children, a small chicken coop and flower garden in the back, matching Uggs for Meghan and her toddler, all royal titles still intact with matching stationery, and nearly $200 million in the bank thanks to their insatiable desire to ‘finally tell their story.

‘Like on Oprah. And on Spotify. And to NY Magazine. And in a memoir. And… well, you get it,” Kelly quipped.

Kelly, during a 20-minute review of the show, focused on what she identified as the amount of “emotional baggage that Harry still carries around”.

‘That’s big!’ she exclaimed.

“Damn, this man is not safe…he clearly hasn’t resolved the trauma of his mother’s untimely death,” she continued. ‘Time and time again I thought to myself, this guy needs therapy!’

“A real psychotherapist. That’s what he needed. Not a whiny, annoying woman waking up,” Kelly said.

Kelly also took aim at what she perceived to be Meghan’s assertion that she didn’t have a father – or perhaps wished she didn’t.

“She doesn’t have a father?” What a prank. She has a dad. He raised her and loved her and paid for her education and never asked for that attention,” she said.

“He screwed up dealing with the paparazzi – staging pictures of himself getting ready for his wedding, apparently in exchange for money. Not good but was it really unforgivable?

‘A mistake after a lifetime of loving and supporting her? Do you know who doesn’t have a father? Me, and millions of others who would kill to have one more Christmas with them,’ Kelly continued, further explaining how Harry and Meghan’s ongoing gory stories arguably don’t read as well as the couple can hope.

Other voices – even a chorus – agree with Kelly’s dissection of the documentary, including Rebecca English, who wrote, agreeing with Kelly, that the Duke and Duchess overstepped their sympathy game a little. The way that pushed the truth past its breaking point.

The second part of the documentary, which English predicts will cover “the couple’s marriage, their subsequent falling out with William and Kate and their acrimonious departure from the royal family”, will be released on Thursday.

The first three hours of the show documented Harry and Meghan made their grand exit from the Royal Family, their engagement, and the negative media attention the couple received early on.

Harry defended his choice to marry American actress Markle as he dangled his barely veiled father and brother.

“I think for so many family members, especially obviously the men, there can be a temptation or an urge to marry someone who would fit the mold as opposed to someone you might be with. meant to be. The difference between making decisions with your head or your heart. And my mom certainly made most – if not all – of her decisions with her heart. And I am my mother’s son,” he said.

In a clip that has gone viral, Markle described being stunned that she was expected to bow to her new boyfriend’s grandmother – the Queen of England.

Markle said she thought Harry was “joking” when he told her she would have to curtsy when meeting Her Majesty. She compared her first meal in Windsor to a “Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament”. She called the experience a “shock to the system”.

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